Herbs and Spices for Women Hair Falls and Hair Loss

The first reason for hair loss in men is heredity, but not in women.  Unlike male pattern hair loss or baldness, it’s found not only drugs but some herbs and spices can make a wonderful hair growth and reduce hair falling.

While many doctors, anyway, would like to use herbs as integrative medicines and holistic medicines for hair loss and baldness, herbal remedies are more and more referred as alternative treatments to prevent or even stop hair lossBelow are some herbs and spices which are helpful for women hair loss.

Saw palmetto is effective treatments for women’s hair loss and well known in North America, for alopecia areata in particular. It curbs the production of a hormone testosterone which is linked to female pattern baldness.   However,  there is a precaution on using saw palmetto.  Saw palmetto is not recommedned for people with anemia because it can interfere with iron absorption. As we know, iron is important for healthy hair. Women with iron deficiency status are at a risk of telogen hair loss. In case you are taking finasteride, anti-platelet, and anti-coagulants and would like to use saw palmetto for hair loss remedy, you need to consult with your doctor first.

Green teais a good treatment for women who have female pattern baldness. It stops an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase from converting testosterone into DHT. This will allow your strands to grow back. For best results, apply the tea directly to your scalp.  Green tea is very effective in combating male hair loss but it still need more scientific traces for the result in women hair loss.

Rosemary and sage are popular treatments for hair loss and alopecia areata in the Mediterranean region. They are both astringents and have a tightening effect on the pores. The combination of rosemary and sage cleanses the pores and stimulates the hair follicles in the skin.

Ginkgo bilobais well known for improving blood circulation. Ginko biloba is recommended for hair loss treatment on the assumption that if we increase the blood flow to the scalp area, it will deliver more nourishing substances to the hair follicles, enhancing the hair growth.

He Shou Wu or Polygonum multiflorum, or Fo-Ti is a herb used in traditional Chinese medicines to cure hair loss. The ancient Chinese healers used this herb for sustaining the kidneys and the liver. It is considered that liver blood nourishes the head and thus the hair.  Currently, it is used as component of many commercial products fighting hair fall, also available in teas and capsules.

Many herbs are not yet approved by the FDA, and should not be considered as professional medical advice.  However, hair loss can be avoided without the side effects of chemicals in over-the-counter drugs.  Above herb is another remedy for hair loss and baldness for women.

When women have hair loss or baldness, it often appears in thinner hair in some areas and not completely hair loss.  Hair loss in women is telling that there is something wrong with their health.  In this respect, many herbs and spices are another treatment option.  Herbs and spices are used in traditional medicines like Ayurveda and Chinese medicines as natural treatment.  They heal the body and bring back the balance of disordered functions believed to be the root cause of hair loss in women.